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  • Vernon Hollings, founder and technician

    We're PC Repairs. We've been around since 1997 fixing PC's in and around the Skipton area mostly, but we even do remote work for various companies in Spain. We're a small team, but we're highly experienced and well regarded.

    Business repairs, home repairs, networking, software. You name it we can do it, and if we can't, we'll tell you and won't charge you for the privilege.

    We've been doing this a long time so we know what we're doing, and we don't waste any time. The quicker we fix your PC, the quicker you can get going again.

    Our on site Services are exactly what you'd think. We have highly experienced -- and completely house trained -- engineers that can come to your house when it's convenient for you. What a hassle it is to unplug your computer and carry it to a shop, only to find out that they have a queue and can't fix your computer straight away! That doesn't happen with PC Repairs.

    On the rare occasion that we can't fix your PC on the spot, we can take it away to our heavily equipped office where we have speciality equipment to fix your computer in no time, once the repair is complete we bring the computer back and plug it straight back in. Convenience, and piece of mind!

    No Fix No Charge