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  • Is your computer performance uneven – sometimes fine, sometimes slow and locking up? Are people in your address book responding to email messages you did not send?  Do you keep getting strange, threatening pop-up messages? Sounds like you may have picked up a virus or some malware from the Internet. Taking care of infections early is important to prevent file corruption and data loss.

  • If you have an internet connection, we may be able to repair your fault using our remote software. A few clicks and we could get you up and running again.

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  • Network on the blink again, emails not being delivered, printer not responding ? sound familiar.... Dont waste your valuable time trying to fix things when you have no experience in that field. What could take you days we can fix in an hour !

    Get your productivity back on track.



  • Whether you use your computer just for fun or for business, too, it’s full of critical data that you probably can’t afford to lose: financial information, pictures, videos, plans, addresses, letters, documents, ideas, downloaded software, and other irreplaceable data.

    We can help protect your data and in a worst case scenario help you retrieve data from failed computers